Saturday, February 1, 2014

Accurate Headlines

'Pure American' rifle billboard assaulted

Anti-gun group opposes ad equating rifles with apple pie, baseball

They're not a 'gun control' group or anti-gun violence, they're anti-gun.  That's the bottom line. 

A selection of the comments from anti-gun supporters:
It advocates violence. End of story.
 Brick Barns but isn't strange that they always manage to obtain a real cache of weaponry? Here's the thing about guns...they are usually fatal when used. They are made ONLY to kill. The fact that we in America glorify them is the main reason killers use them. Think about it. 
 Truly sad day when a semi-automatic rifle is elevated to an American icon. This country is BETTER than that and has much prouder icons than a killing machine. Just saw the news that 4 more were shot in Logan Square--perhaps the ad is generating business. 
 Wow, the gun-humpers are scared now. Needing billboards to attract more whack-jobs.
 You know why men like guns???   Tiny penises...
 Disgusting. Americans have such a bad reputation abroad due to crap like this. I sure wouldn't be putting up a billboard about it either! Of course it advertises a Texan product...we know how they like guns there.
 Why is it whenever there's a mass shooting, gun fetishists somehow end up the biggest "victims"?
Insults, bigotry, obsession w/ genitalia, emotional diatribes, ignorance.  Hate, hate and more hate.  That's the ant-gun way.

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Rob Crawford said...

The fact that we in America glorify them is the main reason killers use them. Think about it.

Except killers DON'T use rifles. Rifles are the weapon of self-defense, particularly of defense of liberty.

And if the thugs didn't have guns, they'd use knives. At least when *I* have a gun, I have a chance.

Robert Fowler said...

Tofu eating, Prius driving liberal idiot pisswits.

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Linoge said...

Good for Lamar for telling them to pack sand. Would that we saw more of that sentiment.

Thirdpower said...

Hey, no hatin' on the hippie-mobile.

Robert Fowler said...

Only the ones driven by liberal idiot pisswits, ;)