Monday, December 30, 2013

Mom's Demand 'Action' Hating In The New Year

Anti-gun fanatics continue to be severely disjointed individuals, wishing violence, death and injury on pro-rights advocates with a hefty mix of insults, logical fallacies and projection.

Up first is the recent debacle on NCGunBlog where several Anti's showed up after he was linked to on a Mom's Demand Lovin' FB page. An example of the height of 'reasonableness':
How sad for you. You are outnumbered by a long shot and your feeble and pathetic attempts of reimagining the 2nd Amendment are further proof of your lack of mental capacity. Perhaps the manly tights you wear at Renaissance Faires are so tight that they have constricted the blood flow to your brain.
The individual who wrote this thinks he should hold public office.  Can you just imagine this kind of mentality trying to pass laws?  Oh wait, we've got one like that in IL. Kotowski. 

And also according to MDA, a family owning firearms is 'gun culture out of control' followed by the usual ravings of their supporters calling for family services/police to haul parents to jail for following the law, discrimination, hatred, etc.

"What on earth are they going to do with these weapons, they are not just guns! It is sick!"

 What a waste of money, your local swat team would have no trouble dispatching this group if the SHTF.

  Figures their from Texas. Disgusting. But unfortunately they all look young so I'm guessing their parents got them these guns. Now that is even sadder.
The photo in question?

A group of young adults enjoying family, friends and their holiday gifts. This makes PuSH'ers 'ill'.

Can anyone honestly claim that there can be any sort of 'reasonable' dialog w/ people like this? 

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Matthew said...

Those don't look like racist, fat, old, white men to me...

No wonder the anti's hate the picture.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post rebutals on their facebook page and they banned me. They don't want reasonable discourse they just want to rant unapposed.

Archer said...

Two points:

First, that is some LOVELY trigger finger control in the picture! I see precisely zero booger hooks touching bang switches.

Second: "... also according to MDA, a family owning firearms is 'gun culture out of control'...."
Telling quote. If we're a "gun culture out of control, then the solution is obviously not "gun control," but "gun culture control."

Once again, it's not about the guns; they hate us for our culture. Period.

Anywhere else, hating a whole culture would fall under discrimination/hate-crime laws, but we're gun owners, so it's OK.