Monday, November 11, 2013

Shannon Watts: Terrorist Gun Owners Will Shoot and Rape You

Even though they can only get 4 people to show up to a state-wide membership 'meeting', this is the leader of one of the most prominent anti-gun groups in the US today.

This is her view of pro-rights activists who MDA dishonestly claimed were 'threatening' them.
The reason that the moms in Dallas were so intimidated by the counter-protest outside, she told me, was that Open Carry Texas is “like the Taliban” and could feasibly have planned to open fire. “You don’t honestly believe they were going to shoot you?” I asked.“I have no idea why you would actually assume that,” Watts replied. “You never know with these mass shootings. I don’t know who these people are. I don’t know if these people have had background checks. Or if they have had any training.” Watts also suggested that Open Carry Texas was full of people who might rape the women involved in Moms Demand Action.
Seriously?  She assumes that a bunch of people protesting her unconstitutional beliefs are going to shoot and rape her in front of their wives and kids?  What does she think it was, an Occupy rally? 

And remember, this isn't just some random person on the internet like she tries to use as her justification for this paranoia but the LEADER of the organization, the one who decides which laws are 'reasonable' and 'common-sense' for her group to push for.

Yes, boys and girls, they are this sick in the head. Gun control is a mental disorder.

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mina smith said...

Gun control is a symptom of Liberalism. And liberalism is, in fact, brain damage.You have to get into the theory at the Anonymous Conservative to really appreciate what it is we are dealing with.
Please I urge you, out of all of the things you might do this week. Read this:

Rob.G said...

Wow, I'm really struggling to believe Ms. Watts and her cult are credible, but I just can't.

She/they really do live in a surreal world of make-believe. Or maybe hopeful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Shannon Watts needs to be kept under psychiatric observation for 90 days. Someone, please help her. Get a court order for intervention before she harms her children.

Anonymous said...

She has used false police reports to stir things up here in Texas a couple of times. I think a previous posting on this site covered some other parts of her background. I personally do not consider her anything other than a professional media handler and organizer. A google search will show past jobs and past names that she has used, all of which associated with very liberal and well connected democratic organizations.

Anonymous said...

These people should post in their yards that their homes are gun free..

Rob Crawford said...

She should consider arming herself for protection.

Anonymous said...

Haven't these people heard that one of the reasons that the Japanese did not try to invade the US during WWII was that they feared all the firearms owned by private citizens.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity reigns supreme in the mind of a gun grabber. The truth is inconvenient to their cause. And no lie is too great. Just ask the (?)President.