Friday, October 11, 2013

Signs Make Gun Free Zones Safe.

No, not really.  Gangbanging thugs can't read doncha know.
Yesterday, in broad daylight,violent predatory thugs open fired on a group of people outside the Uptown Baptist Church, gathering for prayer and a free dinner.  Five people were struck by bullets in what is designated as a “Safe Passage” route for Chicago school children going to and from school.
This says it all:
Well-meaning social liberals who think putting up some silly yellow signs proclaiming “Safe Passage” zones does nothing to deter predatory criminals, just as a slew of gun laws that only disarm the good guys do nothing to slow violent crime.
All the while those same violent criminals are part of a revolving door 'justice' system where people spend more time in jail for having a joint than beating someone near death.

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Bob S. said...

Thugs can read; that is how they know where the best place to attack someone is.

I don't understand the thinking "Hey, Let's put up a sign saying 'Everyone here is unarmed'"

Anonymous said...

Was this the same church on a Safe Passage route that was shot up about a month ago?

Nice touch, parking the get-away car at an Elementary School.

Anonymous said...

The people that put up "no guns allowed" or "safe passage" signs thinking it'll stop criminals from doing criminal stuff have the same idiots that think if the "deer crossing" sign is moved a quarter mile away will stop deer from crossing the road there.

Anonymous said...

Have = are

I'm an idiot too.