Sunday, October 13, 2013


The epitome of the 'Gun Owner Butt...." heads and an 'Authorized Journalist' to boot. He gets his skimpies in a twist because someone dares to insult the lack of knowledge most journalists have of firearms:
Shot (heh heh)

Goes on to show his 'gun owner creds':
I love guns. I am the proud owner of several shotguns and a .22-caliber rifle. I’d have more guns if I could. There’s an old joke: How many guns do you need? One more.
Then goes on to want to restricting the most popular firearms in the US plus a bunch of those other 'reasonable' solutions so beloved by anti-gun fanatics. All things he doesn't own of course:
Reasonable gun controls, such as limiting the cartridge capacities of assault rifles and tougher punishments for owners who let their guns fall into the wrong hands, should be a part of that. So should keeping guns out of our public parks, despite the fact that our legislature has allowed holders of concealed-carry permits to pack in parks.
Sorry skippy but you lost your 'creds' when you called an AR an 'assault rifle' and poisoned the well by assuming anyone who disagrees w/ you is 'unreasonable'.

You're just another Fudd in a long history of Fudd's that will support any gun restrictions as long as it doesn't effect you.

addendum:  And what does he mean ''if I could"? Is he restricted somehow from owning more firearms?  Wife won't let him?  

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Ramsey A. Bear said...

I doubt that this guy owns any guns. And, if he does he is no hunter. Just trying to give himself some street cred before he stumps for the anti's.

Chas said...

The Second Amendment is ultimately about the ability to resist tyranny. Cutting us back to shotguns and .22's, until they can ban those too, is advocated by those who want to enable tyranny. I want my Second Amendment right to own fully automatic weapons restored. The American people should have firearms that are on a par with those of their police and military. Our government should be subordinate to us, not the other way around.

AndyN said...

So most of the guns he own are similar to the type used to initiate the most recent media feeding frenzy spree killing? A reasonable person might think he should turn those into the police.

Anonymous said...

"Wife won't let him? "

Mom cut his allowance...