Friday, September 6, 2013

Mary Sanchez "Disarm Because Poor Blacks Can't Be Trusted"

Well she didn't say that exactly.  I'm paraphrasing her defense of gun control.
Do you really want to solve the violent crime problem? Start by recognizing that guns travel. They go unimpeded from jurisdictions where they are easily gotten to places where they are not. Violence stays put.

Easy access to guns is just the icing. It’s the explosive fuse atop a long stack of community woes. There’s a 20th-century problem we haven’t solved: the inequality between races, between city and suburb, between ghetto and the leafier urban districts that Americans are falling in love with again. Every shooting in Chicago should remind us that we have failed.

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Yep, just the sight of those guns makes those 'inner city folks' (iow blacks) just explode.  

So, because criminals are getting guns and using them in poor, black neighborhoods that already have high crime mostly due to violent gangs, we need more gun control in the areas that DON'T have crime because....  well.... it's easier to blame a symptom than it is a cause. Don't worry about those inequalities in education, jobs, housing, etc. she goes on about. Let's start w/ her personal hobgoblin.

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SDanger said...

Please also note she goes ahead and states that (I assume criminals) move guns from one area to another with utter disregard for the law.

Chas said...

Easy access to guns is the explosive fuse atop a long stack of community woes?

Or easy access to knives, or baseball bats, or tree branches, or is it the culture that results from the genetic make up of "the community".