Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day of IL Legislative Session

Synopsis: HB183 Passes Senate and House. On to the Governor.

HB1189 ( PRivate sale background check through ISP) Passed Senate No penalty for it though. Stupid.
HB2831 Mag Ban fails Senate

A deal has allegedly been reached on CCW in IL. Two amendments (5&6) have been added to HB 183.  Todd V., the NRA lobbyist, spent most of the night reading the bill. He also said that they're expecting the anti's to try and push through a mag ban and 'lost &stolen' bill today.

Basic provisions:

Shall issue w/ CCW related issues preempted statewide meaning Chicago can't ban 10rnd+ handgun mags and their handgun registration is gone.
AWB's are grandfathered in but no new ones can be passed.
Veterans, Hunters and CCW holders from out of state get up to 8 hrs credit for training.
Restaurant Carry
Parking lots even in prohibited areas.

Still lots of Chicago requested restrictions (parks, gov't buildings, etc) and the stupid $150 fee. Some other concerns are being raised on specifics.

House is in session at 9:30 (currently just milling around). Video. IllinoisCarry thread.

Witness slips for 5&6. I would recommend supporting them. It's the best we'll get.


In Executive Committee.  The Chicago-crats are going (and I apologize, I don't like using this word but...) full retard in opposition.  Gangbangers doing drive by's are going to get CCW licenses so they can smuggle guns, carrying 100rnd magazines 'concealed' and driving around w/ dozens of handguns in your car. Just some of the highpoints of stupidity that have been reached so far.

Some privacy issues are being hashed out by Sen. Righter.  The language in the bill is very vague and broadraching. Whether the FOID act covers it and if only mental health (clear and present danger) will be sent. 

Joyce Foundation puppet Colleen Daley of the ICHV is bitching because, well, it's concealed carry and the bill doesn't ban more guns. Yet they call us the fanatics.

And Amend 5& 6 passes committee. On to the floor.

In the House  SB2335 A2 is identical HB183 A5 and 6 in the Senate so they can get them passed and to the Gov.

Back to the Senate. HB183 is up. Sen Rodadno (anti) looks like someone shot her cat while bill basics are being discussed."Republicans are voting for it, while the dems are running and hiding". The 'cliff' will be their fault if they oppose.There should be 59 green lights. If you vote no, then that word "hypocrisy" that is so often lobbed over to this side of the isle will look very fitting for you all over there."

- Senator Murphy, speaking as a Republican to the Democrats

Kwame- 'Diversity' and drive by shootings means we shouldn't have CCW even though shooters won't get licenses. So why did he bring it up?  Oh right, emotional, tear-jerking nonsense.

Lightford- Same crap as ICHV.  Pissed there aren't gun/mag bans.

Kotowski, ICHV award winner and liar, reads VPC reports

Passed the Senate: 
Yeas. 45 nays 12.

HB1189 requiring private sellers to call into ISP for a background check. Chapin Rose calls them out because it's already taking 5 months for a FOID card.

Kotowski's mag ban is up.HB1346.  Dragging out the corpses for emotional effect, even in places where 'high capacity magazines' weren't used.Includes Chicago where mag bans are already in place.  "For the Children'. "Screw the gun industry and lobbyists." Kotowski screams. 28-31 fails
Sweet tears.

Back to the house. 

Same old nonsense.  "Not prohibited to drink while carrying" except the penalties are the same as DUI.

Pass 90-13. 

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David Lawson said...

I think we have a workable bill here.

Thirdpower said...

It could be worse. Some serious issues still involved but hopefully the powers that be will get them ironed out before voting.