Sunday, April 7, 2013

'Teachers' Oppose Guns in School

Which explains this:
More than 700 teachers and administrators attended the all-day session on gun laws and safety at Kennedale High School in Dallas-Fort Worth area, The Dallas Morning News reported. 
So it's not 'teachers' as some huge groupthink (because of course some do) but instead politically affiliated union leaders and administrators. You know, the ones closely connected to the politicians who want to ban 'shoulder things that go up' and one use magazines.
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Old Jarhead said...

I knew I was in TX for something other than the hot weather! Good for those teachers! I just wish that such a course would be REQUIRED for ALL teachers in TX, whether they get the CHL or not. It teaches some very good, and needed security measures.

Anonymous said...

As a teacher myself, I have had a difficult time trying to get by the anti-gun mentality of the NEA. There are several pro-gun NEA members but the liberal agenda of the union far outweighs us.

Cormac said...

Nearly every teacher I know here in DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth) wants to be able to carry.

The rest just seem to be repeating the same rhetoric they've had shoveled at them for years...a few pointed questions tends to soften them up.