Monday, April 1, 2013

Follow the Money

Raise your hand if you think it's no coincidence that the two people the Palm Beach Post finds that supports more training for CCW holders both just happen to own ranges.  Ranges that would be then be needed to complete said training.

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Siddhartha said...

Texas has the same scam going on. That's why you can't open carry in Texas. We are our own worst enemies sometimes...

Adam said...

As far as needing more training for a CC permit. I have a unique viewpoint. First off, I am an NRA life member and regular rifle and pistol competitor at the top levels.

I work part time at a municipal firing range in Florida as a line officer.
I see on a regular basis folks of good and honorable intent that have gotten their concealed carry permit. Many of them have not a clue about firearms handling, safety, marksmanship, how to hit a target - - any target, trigger control, sight picture etc. But they did take the class and have a CCL and a CC firearm, many have fired only the single shot to qualify for their CCL. To their credit they do listen and learn at my range. I just wonder how many others do NOT come to a range & learn from experienced and caring shooters. Others, do not listen or learn. Specifically, young urban men are by far the most dangerous people I ever see on the line. The firearms handling training in the "hood" is frightening. Swinging, waving with fingers on the triggers of loaded Glock 40 cal pistols, inadvertently pointing the weapon at the bellys of line officers gets them tossed from the range. But not after moments of terror (mine). Believe me, I'm no range nazi, but I sure have seen my fill of unsafe untrained shooters.