Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chicago: Only Call Police if it's Important

'Important' being defined if you are in the process of being murdered.  Otherwise they'll take a 'report' over the phone (right before they send it into the circular file).

House got robbed?  Car smashed? Property vandalized?  Yeah. Too bad, so sad.  No police for you.  Only if you're in 'immediate danger' will they think about showing up. 

So are you Chicago subjects glad you pay some of the highest taxes in the country for substandard service? Maybe they can spend more on taking public school students (w/ a 50% dropout rate) out of school and bused to Springfield so they can be used to lobby for more laws.  Maybe Daley and Rahm can have more publicly funded security details.  Maybe they can use more tax dollars to fund 'gun buybacks' from little old ladies.

You certainly are getting your money's worth.

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Douglas2 said...

In one American rust-belt city I phoned 911 to report that the under-renovation apartment building next-door had a bunch of youths running amok and hurling the newly-installed plumbing fixtures out through the new windows. I was given a lecture on the appropriate use of the emergency number, and that this wasn't one.

On one foreign city in a country well noted for its restrictive attitude to ownership of firearms, I phones 999 on a Saturday night to report the whacked-out guy who was attacking the rear-door to my house and shouting that he was going to kill me. I was informed that unfortunately the police were all busy. They did send someone around on the following Tuesday to take a report...

DJMoore said...

Hey, how about calls for a man with a gun? Not shooting at anyone, just walking around with a gun in a holster?

Think they'd respond to that?