Thursday, August 16, 2012

@CSGV's Double Standards

Politically motivated shooting in DC?  Politics ignored or minimized:

Non-politically related shooting in LA?  Made political:

And it's this type of violence enabling rhetoric that shows why groups like the CSGV cannot be reasoned with in any form of public discourse. Will they accept responsibility when one of their supporters commits an assault on an NRA board member or at the NRA offices? Of course not because they put out a 'disclaimer'.

Now watch, they'll start calling me a 'traitor' and 'insurrectionist' while trying intimidate me into silence by using my name and state of residence.

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Miguel said...

You should be in their insurrection list by now. Have you been locked out their Twitter account yet?

Thirdpower said...

Oh for ages and on their FB page as well. I was the first person they 'outed' in order to hold us 'accountable'.

Sigivald said...


The NRA "brainwashes" people into murdering cops?

Musta missed that part of their website and the magazines...

Miguel said...

Sigi, we had a guy i=on Twitter yesterday posting that "The NRA ordered the Military...."
I was quite surprised to hear that the NRA was part of the chain of command in the Department of Defense

Pyrotek85 said...


That's one reason to like the NRA; if nothing else, the opposition wastes time attacking them and making themselves look like idiots in the process.

Linoge said...

So if the right wing gets targeted, it is no one's fault, but if anyone else gets targeted, it is the right wing's, and specifically the NRA's, fault?

Got it.

Well, at least they are consistent - never once did the thought of blaming the persons actually responsible for these shootings cross their benighted minds.