Sunday, November 18, 2012

GSL on the WWP Flap

From the GSL blog:
 Steven Nardizzi, the $319k/year Executive Director of Wounded Warrior Project, fumbled badly out of the gate in his efforts to diffuse the brouhaha over his group’s refusal to participate on Gun Talk Radio last weekend on Veteran’s Day. 
The whole disaster was spurred when their communications director declined the invitation to promote WWP on Gun Talk Radio because of the gun-related content of the nationally syndicated radio show...

I walked outside and found my Wounded Warrior Project T-shirt – the one I had worn with pride to a host of events as Guns Save Life’s president and elsewhere – had spontaneously combusted out on the parking lot.  It was the darndest thing.  What are the odds?  I sure am glad I wasn’t in that shirt when it went up, because that nice Under Armor fabric melted rather badly.

All kidding aside, I won’t be promoting WWP – not even one little bit – from here on out.
The DeWitt County Sportsmen’s Club probably won’t be donating to Wounded Warrior next year either, as they donated $300 last month as part of their first annual Zombie Shoot.
 Wonder how much his faux pa is going to cost WWP?

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