Friday, August 31, 2012

WorldCon/ChiCon '12 Day 1

 After nearly 5 hours of driving and facing the traffic of Mordor, I am finally here. Still waiting for my room to be finished (two hours later) but I've been browsing the dealer's rooms etc.

 The folks from Off World Designs.  I bought my dragon tshirt from them 21 years ago at Worldcon '91 . It was time for a new one although the original is still service-able, it has some holes.  They'll be putting up a photo of my tat on their FB.

SJ Games' Chaos Machine.  No Steve Jackson as of yet. I really want to meet him and get an autograph on my original GEV game.

Artist Phil Foglio displaying his wares.

Name that movie uniform.

Finally got to meet Steve Jackson and he signed my old copy of GEV given to me by my sister when I was about ten.  SJ's comment when he saw it. "That's one well loved game".

Poster 'TWB' from the SJGames forums put on an OGRE demo w/ his custom map of the St Louis area and playing pieces. A number of people were in attendance including some of the next generation of gamers.My suggestion.  Nuke East St. Louis.  He had apparently thought about making it 'rubble' markers as the norm.

The 'Geek Prom'.  Lots of bustiers and t-shirts and very loud music. The guy in the green box is from 'Minecraft'.

Tomorrow may hit the Adler Planetarium, attend some talks, line up for some book signings, etc.  Playing it by ear.

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lumpy said...

I'll guess what is "Forbidden Planet" for the movie Alex.....

drjim said...

"United Planets Cruiser C57-D, J.J. Adams commanding".