Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Media Helping Terrorists

So what does the media do when the UK gov't implement plans to thwart terrorist attacks during the Olympics?

Why announce details and locations of all the equipment along w/ some handy photographs for cross referencing. 

Reminds me of when the media were given info on the Somalia landings and set up cameras and spotlights and when Geraldo was 'embedded' w/ a combat unit and announced his location on live TV


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Anonymous said...

Wow. What's the antonym of "opsec"?

skidmark said...

Why the tsuris? They admit it's Security Theater and there are no real threats from the air anyhow.

Plus, the folks who would want to screw up the olympics can do so a lot better via land-based assaults - not even a big "BOOM!" is needed to bring down the walls.

Personally I'd like to see them move the Olympics to some isolated island that can barely hold the atheletes, and post YouTube of the events after the games are all over.

stay safe.

Chas said...

There was that "terrorist" (they said he was) who the Brits put an electronic monitoring device on and told him that he couldn't go to the Olympics. They got ticked off, and took him into custody after he went to the Olympics five times. It's security theater all right, but it's not a drama, it's a comedy, more specifically, a farce. Still, he’s lucky that he was a terrorist. If he had been a Brazilian plumber he would have been in real trouble.