Friday, July 27, 2012

Aurora Shooting AR Magazine Discrepancy

Multiple reports had the shooter using a 100 round magazine that allegedly jammed. The UK Dailymail has photos of the scene. (Warning: Graphic)

But here's the one relevant to this post:
That's no 100 rnd drum in the rifle, that's a standard 30 rnd. So was a 100rnd'er 'recovered' or was it 'used' and he changed it?

Not like it matters because the anti's will use those pools of blood to dance in to try and ban/restrict anything they can regardless of the facts.

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TL671 said...

Regardless, it's over ten rounds, the arbitrary number of rounds the gun grabbers seem to be willing to accept.

Bob S. said...

One report that I saw said the 100 rounder malfunctioned, he jettisoned it and tried to load a 30 rounder but had failed to clear the weapon.