Friday, April 6, 2012

Josh Sugarmann: Gun Salesman Extraordinaire.

Back in the 80's, there was a media generated scandal claiming that the game Dungeons and Dragons caused suicide, devil worship and criminal activity.

Sales of D&D skyrocketed.

Last week, Ladd Everitt and Tim Johnson of the CSGV went on a rampage against 'hoodies' w/ pockets for a concealed firearm. I hand't seen it before they tweeted it to the world. What I did see was quite a few people saying thanks for the info and that they were going to buy one. The people who were 'disgusted' wouldn't have bought one anyway. Net win for the NRA. Thanks guys. BTW, that item is still for sale here.

Now Josh Sugarmann, head of the VPC and licensed firearm dealer, is competing against Obama to be firearm salesman of the year. In his latest Huffpo rant against the firearm industry, he squeals about how CCW is only an excuse to sell more guns. In doing so he gives free advertising to nearly half a dozen companies, reproducing their ads for them.

So how many guns did Josh indirectly sell in comparison to how many people read his article and decided to destroy all their firearms and donate to the VPC?

Thanks Josh, you're a good friend of the NRA.

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Roger said...

I have it on good authority that obama will be honored at the NRA national convention as the Firearm Salesman of the Year! :-^

JD Rush said...

Romney will be the runner up Firearm Salesman of the Year.

Robert Fowler said...

What does Sugarman do with his FFL? Does he sell guns in his off time? What a idiot. After I read his hit piece I wanted to go out and get the mini eagle and the double tap.

Linoge said...

Cannot say I want all the guns he mentioned, but I could do with one or two... ;)