Monday, February 27, 2012

Genetically Stupid

Last Friday there was a 911 alert at one of the local High Schools. Apparently a student or other individual was seen w/ a firearm on campus. The school was locked down and police responded promptly. From all that I heard, they did it quickly and efficiently. Hats off to them.

It was a prank.

Some stupid turd called 911 not once, but twice, leading the police to be able to find the caller and get them to admit it was a prank. Said individual is likely going to be spending some time in juvie or at least in one of the local 'alternative' schools assuming they were under 18. In this day and age of post Columbine/VT, all the kids know that this is serious stuff, not like when I was in HS and there were 3 or 4 fake bomb threats a year.

Now there are people that believe that children of that age should be allowed to agree to medical procedures and be afforded the full rights and privileges as adults. Well we all know how dense your average adult is but then think of who is legally responsible for the child. What will happen when that 14 yr old has a medical procedure and something goes wrong? Who is going to be held accountable? Oh right, the parents.

Does anyone think that that's a good idea?

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