Friday, January 27, 2012

A Challenge to NGVAC @Gunvictimsact

They state:
So much research that I have $25 for the first person who cites a specific fact with supporting evidence that is incorrect.
GAP in law allows people on terrorist watch list to obtain guns
Evidence presented:
Major Nidal Hasan allegedly shot 43 people at Fort Hood — 13 were killed and 30 were wounded. Hasan was able to buy a handgun even though he was under investigation by the FBI for links to terrorism. FBI agents investigating Hasan were never informed that he was trying to purchase a weapon.

REALFACT: Hassan was NOT on the watch list:

After reviewing the emails and concluding that Major Hasan was not engaged in terrorist activities, the JTTF investigator and supervisor did not share the information regarding Major Hasan, and he was not placed on a terrorist watch list.

So will you man up and send the $25 or will it all be 'moderated' and ignored?

Come on, come up w/ some sort of excuse. It's what's expected after all.

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Pyrotek85 said...

LOL didn't take long to disprove one of his facts eh

I think he's confusing being investigated with being on the list, which isn't the same thing.

Thirdpower said...

IIRC, the majority of individuals in their examples were not on the lists. That's just the one that came to mind. I've emailed them, put it on Twitter and on their blog. Let's see what silly excuse they come up w/ assuming they answer at all.

Bob S. said...

I posted a comment -- with references to the law --showing that it is illegal for those who have been committed for mental illness or those with criminal convictions & sentences greater than a year to purchase firearms.

So his claim that criminals and mentally ill can buy firearms at gun shows LEGALLY when they can't buy them dealers is also proven wrong.

I doubt it will show up.

Weer'd Beard said...

As far as I can see with people like Hasan, the Underwear Bomber, the Times Square Bomber, and countless other ACTUAL terrorists who were never on the watch list, and people like Ted Kennedy, the 8 year old Boyscout, and Joe Huffman, among countless others, I would point that that having your name on the terror watch list as a valid exemption from the NICS check, given that if you're on the list, you likely have a clean background.

Weer'd Beard said...

Have they officially rejected your comment yet?

Thirdpower said...

They've put up new posts on FB trying to distract from the pounding they're getting. No comments allowed on their blog nor response to my email.