Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#OWS Hippies Lose Their Novelty

Well the Soros/Union/ACORN funded 'protesters' have discovered the fickle nature of the media and the public as most of them have been evicted from their 'homes'.

What was originally viewed as 'strong' and 'determined' is now being viewed as 'annoying' and 'interfering' as the number of crimes, hostile actions, and destruction of private property increased.

Now we get to see how many millions of tax dollars it will take to repair the various parks as well as how many tons of garbage and refuse they left behind for tax payer paid trash collectors to pick up.

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Robert Fowler said...

They should clean the parks with flamethrowers so they are sure to kill all the fleas and lice they left behind. You can always re-plant the trees.

HerrBGone said...

The ones that were arrested should have to perform their community service picking up after themselves. Just sayn'...