Friday, October 7, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street"'s Desired End Results

Chavez: Houses on Caribbean islands will be seized

"There are some houses that were illegally built. We're going to take them over," he said on television from the presidential palace.

Chavez's government has nationalized hundreds of businesses including cement makers, retail stores and steel mills as part of his drive to establish a socialist economic model in Venezuela. Authorities have also seized large swaths of agricultural land deemed idle by officials, turning parcels over to poor peasants.
Just like we saw by allowing 'reasonable, common-sense' gun control laws to pass, allowing the incremental-ism of Gov't control will lead to this in the US.

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Miguel said...

Authorities have also seized large swaths of agricultural land deemed idle by officials

And officials deemed much of that land idle because it was not actively used when they checked it out. A piece of land was being left alone because of crop rotation or was just used to graze cattle or recovering from natural disaster like a flood did not enter in consideration: it was deemed idle and immediately nationalized & given to the peasants that supported the Revolution. The good news is that much of that land has recovered because nobody is working it. The peasants left for the cities since they did not have the means, backing or knowledge to grow a crop big enough to sell. Foodstuff that were produced before on those lands are now being imported.

Phssthpok said...

Taking his cues from Zimbabwe I see....