Saturday, August 13, 2011

Actions Have Consequences

SIH has a post about an 'organic' ice cream maker in Chicago that is being hit by the state for not having a license or following all state health guidelines. Basically they're after her because she's gotten popular, been on the news etc., and drew attention to herself.

Now this individual is a laid off CPS teacher and into organic food. I'm going to stereotype a little bit and guess that she tends to vote for 'progressive' candidates. The same ones that create/inflate all these bloated bureaucracies in this not-so-fine state. The same ones that create all these nanny-state laws for our 'safety'.

Example. All these laws governing things like food packaging. Plastic, styrofoam, radiation, etc. Then these same folks who pushed for these laws complain about excessive amounts of trash and unhealthy foods.

Now she's reaping the benefits of it. The Gov't will do ANYTHING to keep control of people and generate revenue and the more gov't there is, the more control and revenue they want.

What's worse is then these types of people move away to somewhere 'free' to get away from all that bureaucratic, nanny-state gov't and START THE CYCLE ALL OVER AGAIN. We have some neighbors who moved near here from a very 'blue' urban state for some 'good country living' (yes, Illinois is a step up from where they were). They then proceeded to put up 'No Trespassing' signs around the creek that all the area kids have played in for decades, cutting down trees and complaining about, well, how people live in the country. They're going to be in for a real shock when we get a heavy snow and none of those country folk w/ 4-wheel drives and chains are willing to help them get their car out.

So actions have consequences and you reap what you sow.

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Anonymous said...

Like Commiefornia transplants, perhaps a group of neighbors needs to meet them and explain some home truths. Such as the fact that the shit they're trying to move away from is their own damn fault, and that should they decide to shit on their neighbors out in the country, remind them how hard it is to find a body on a 600 acre farm ;)