Sunday, June 26, 2011


While digging around yesterday for the Primer post, I came across some interesting tidbits of activity by the Joyce foundation and other groups.

IANSA has updated their members page and it is greatly pared down for the US. Notable is the removal of the CSGV from the list as well as the numerous state level groups combined into the SUPGV.

April saw another massive money dump from the Joyce Foundation:
$230K to the American College of Preventative Medicine to lobby for expanding the "National Violent Death Reporting System"
$60K to Joan Peterson's Citizens for a Safer Minnesota Education Fund.
$125K to the CSGV
$25K to the SUPGV
$75K to Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence

Now these are the biggies:

$375K to the 'Police Executive Research Forum' "to conduct new research on gun violence and gun policy issues, host a national town hall meeting to present and discuss research findings, and to educate the public and policy makers about gun violence issues that impact the law enforcement community. "

And a total of $790K to NewVentureFund to "support the development and launch of a new online organization. "

So they are making pushes in MN and OH, trying to push the 'guns kill police' meme and are making a major investment into new media.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Where the fuck is all this cash coming from? It can't be small donations.

I've heard some claim Soros is behind most of it (being a Nazi its up his MO) but I've never seen a confirmation.

Chas said...

$135k to Paul Helmke to have his rectum reconstructed so that he can be a bigger asshole next time around.

Molon Labe said...

Explains Sugarmann's incoherent ramblings and ignoring of the ATF fiasco in recent blog posts. Looks like he's got some competition.

Linoge said...

Here is to hoping they put Laddy in charge of the "new online organization"... ;)