Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brady's Running Scared in Illinois

The day after 5,000+ people marched on the state capitol, demanding our right to defend ourselves, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership spent some of their dwindling resources to hire a contract lobbyist to try and stave off the inevitable.

Illinois is the last state to have no form of carry whatsoever for the general public and they know that if they lose it, the fight's pretty much done for them.

We need to return the favor and put them into the dustbin of history. Call your Reps and Senators. Encourage them to support CCW and thank them if they already do.

The push is on. We can make this happen.

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LPF said...

The 'Unorganized Militia' patches are great, but it occurs to me that if you want to bring in some serious coin... Sad Panda T-Shirts!

Stephen said...

It's great to see y'all making progress in Illinois. Instead of it continuing to be another state where the anti-gunners pass every law they can think of.

Here in Colorado our laws are already pretty dang good ... but we seem to be stuck due to the purple results of the last election.

Anonymous said...

I'm originally from IL and now live in FL. I'm glad too. Having been the victim of violent crime in IL I now pack 24/7/365. Go IL and keep on your corrupt government up there.

Anonymous said...

In line

Anonymous said...

I can't see Illinois getting ccw with the new mayor Orahama and Cooked county dictating this state.
Lets call our reps.