Sunday, February 20, 2011

CCW Coming to Illinois?

I'm not one to get people's hopes up over rumors but I've gotten word from several insiders in Springfield that the Anti's are crapping themselves over the latest push for CCW.

From what I'm hearing, straw polls have put a 'Yea' vote in the Senate at over a veto proof majority (36 w/ more potentials) and Senate President Cullerton is debating 'cutting a deal'. It's unknown at present what he's asking for in return. Politics as usual. Gov. Quinn has stated he's 'concerned'.

It's also been made clear the Brady Campaign, ICHV and other gun banners are apoplectic over it and demanding Cullerton stop it by any means necessary.

Illinois Residents who respect their rights need to call Cullerton's offices NOW and (politely) voice their support for Concealed Carry. 217-782-2728/773-883-0770 as well as their state senators and representatives to have their voices heard.

Join the ISRA and IllinoisCarry as well as your local groups. We can get this done folks but not alone.

More from the ISRA.

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Anonymous said...

Illinois? CCW? Hell must freeze over first...

jinksto said...

That would rock. I'm not holding my breath for you but man it's nice to see it in the script.

alcade said...

Not to be a pessimist but I don't think this has a snowball's chance in hell of passage. I think the only way we are going to get concealed carry will be to get enough signatures to get a CC proposal on a ballot and leave it to the voters to decide. But thanks for the info, I'll make the call.

TinCan Assassin said...

There WAS recently a freeze in Phoenix, Arizona.... Maybe THAT was the impetus.

Dannytheman said...

Go baby, go baby, go baby, Go!!!

GreatBlueWhale said...

No way it can pass. Wait until they start showing the videos and stills of the bloodbaths in the neighboring CC states, backed up by the charts showing increased violent crimes just across the borders.

Thomas said...

As an aside, have the Wisconsin cc proponents considered putting a cc on the docket in Madison.

They have the quorm (sp) since only 19 are needed for non revenue measures with 10 only needed to pass.

The GFW's would shit themsleves.

Anonymous said...

I called and had my daughters that shoot with me call. Needless to say we are all for CCW coming to the Volksrepublik.


Anonymous said...

Illinoisans should all be heading for Springfield on March 1th for the Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day.
Last year we had about 7000. The goal for this year is 10000. If you all head there, it can happen.
No, there won't be civilian carry in Illinois but at least we can slow down the bad stuff Daley's still sending.