Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Coincidental Obsessions

W/ Josh Horwitz's latest post on Huffpo(just like Henigan ), they show just how far they will go in their fanatical goal to stalk and demonize individuals. They got screencaps of D'Cruz's entire FB page and put it into PDF form. Most likely done by Josh's lead puppet Ladd Everitt, the CSGO Comm Director who believes the 2A is 'nonsense'.

And their staunchest defender on the blog, one Grits Jr., who denies being Josh but has access to CSGV passwords and is EVERYWHERE Josh is, claims to have read the entire thing and agrees wholeheartedly w/ the attacks.

Hmm. I wonder why?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

And they're censoring descent pretty good. 99% of my posts never made it through.

LC Scotty said...

I've noticed that Grosh's stuff gets censored much more heavily than Henigan's or Helmke's

Linoge said...

Speaking more generally, what is it with anti-rights nuts and obsessive stalking? I mean, the pathetic trolls of that particular community have been cyberstalking people for years, but now the actual anti-rights organizations, and their leaders, are engaged in the same pathetic behavior?

Their true colors are starting to show...