Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The ATF Nominee (Pay Attention Folks)

Several blogs have noted that Obama's choice for BATFE director, Andrew Travor, is a disaster waiting to happen. Just the fact that the Brady/Goddard Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership is 'applauding' the decision should tell you what this Chicago hacks ideas about guns are.

This is the same agency that's trying to regulate Airsoft guns (like what the country where the UK used to be did), randomly changes its often contradictory and vague rules, and spends millions of your tax dollars on grudges and office furniture.

Throw in a guy who continues the deliberate deceptions about 'assault weapons' w/ a history of gun ban advocacy and you've got your 'hope and change' in a nutshell.

What we'll most likely see are the usual political games played to get him in there. Played and supported by the same people who decried the same games when played by Bush. Just watch.

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