Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Combining a discussion of child soldiers in Somalia w/ the violence apparent in US urban youth, Marian Edelman asks "What is it going to take for adults in America to stand up and say enough to the violence that is terrorizing and killing our children?"

That's a good question. One wonders however why she goes on and on about guns when she even uses the statistic "The annual number of firearm deaths of White children and teens decreased by 54 percent between 1979 and 2007, while the deaths of Black children and teens increased by 61 percent."

That's quite a disparity. Just looking at the deaths/injuries to children from firearms in Illinois where the laws are different show that same disparity:

The rate of firearm injury to young adolescents (ages 10 to 14) is
very low in most of Illinois, with numbers generally too low to
compute rates.

The rates of firearm hospitalization and death in Chicago are at least
four times higher than any other region in Illinois (Figure 4).

Jush Sugarmann of the VPC noted this disparity a while back and hinted that his solution would be to disarm African Americans.

So what is Ms. Edelman's solution?

Oh right, she doesn't have one.

Just blame the guns.

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Stuart the Viking said...

No fair! No fair!

How dare you call them on their lack of any concept of reality. They are trying to SAVE THE CHILDREN! If they want to do it by spreading chocolate pudding on their heads who are you to point out ACTUAL STATISTICAL DATA proving how worthless that is.


Anonymous said...

So what's her point?