Wednesday, June 9, 2010

At Least They're Consistent..

"We strongly disagreed with the court's 2008 ruling."
That's an understatement.

In 2008, right before the Heller decision, the Chicago Tribune called for the repeal of the 2A. They ignore 5000+ people marching on the capitol only if it supports the rights of citizens to own firearms.

Today they continue their support for the ban and every other useless restriction they can think of.
the handgun law passed with the Tribune's support. It was a reasonable attempt to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and reduce the number of homicides,
Yeah, another 'reasonable, common-sense' law that didn't effect criminals in the slightest.

At least they admit they want the recent individuals who defended themselves against violent criminals to be victimized again through prosecution.

Wonder how long it will be before they get a 'bailout' and become a formal puppet of the administration instead of just defacto?

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1 comment:

Old Jarhead said...

Just read the story. Unbelievable. These "experts", if they get their way, will be responsible for increased homicides and even more increased mayhem in that city. Put up a wall around the place so they can't effect the rest of the state