Monday, May 24, 2010

"Somewhat Anachronistic"

That's the view that the Illinois ACLU holds of the Second Amendment. Ironically, what they use to justify their opinion is itself anachronistic, US v Miller from 1939. No mention of Heller or McDonald.
So instead they resort the the typical red herrings of the gun control movement:
The ACLU therefore believes that the Second Amendment does not confer an unlimited right upon individuals to own guns or other weapons nor does it prohibit reasonable regulation of gun ownership, such as licensing and registration.
Very few people argue it's an 'unlimited right' nor does any reasonable person consider the registration systems in place such as Chicago or DC 'reasonable'. And the use of the slippery-slope to nukes is just pathetic to see from an organization like this.

I wonder what they they would say to the FACT that the Illinois State Police regularly violates state law by delaying the issuing of licenses up to 6 months.

Perhaps the ACLU should enter the 21st Century and its progressive views of the Second Amendment.

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BobG said...

I sent an email to them right after Heller asking their stand on the Second Amendment. They told me they didn't care what the supreme court said, that it was neither an individual right nor a civil liberty, so they did not believe in defending it.

Anonymous said...

In these cases, the selective blinders just throw me for a loop. If the Second Amendment is "anachronistic", then why are the other 9 ok? When was the last time you heard about generals stationing soldiers in houses? So why do we not just get rid of that dumb thing, and simplify the printing of the Bill of Rights?

Instead, it is the Second Amendment that is somehow outdated, while they exercise their First-Amendment-protected rights to advocate disarming law-abiding citizens in the presence of criminals who very much wish to cause those citizens harm.

Straight up, irrational fear, I get, and if they made their arguments from that position (since it is their position, after all), I would hardly have a problem with it - I would disagree with it, but at least the logic of the argument would be sound (or as sound as emotional bases can be). But this bulldren? Crap on a crutch - a five-year-old on a playground can come up with a better position than this.

Anonymous said...

ACLU was founded by a communist. Not far from their roots still.

Anonymous said...

I still remember the illinois ACLU fighting Chicago legislation written years back in the attempt to allow CPD officers to break up gangs openly associating in public. One of the rare times Chicago aldermen attempted to do something about gangs rather than another "blame it on a gun " law. 9 people shot last sunday in Chicago and I think the ALCU should partially hold themselves for the blame on that.