Monday, March 23, 2009

Anti-gun media debate


Anti-gun Chicago talk show host Milt Rosenberg will be hosting a radio debate on the repeal of the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution on WGN Radio, AM 720, on Thursday March 26th.

Defending our Constitution will be Bob Levy, Chairman of the Cato Institute.

The debater who will be attacking our Constitution has not been named as of yet.

1. Mark your calendar to listen to WGN Radio, AM 720, on Thursday, March 26, 2009 beginning at 9 PM. If you cannot receive WGN in your area, you can listen to the program live on the Internet at

2. No matter where you live, please be sure to call the radio station's call in line at (312) 591-7200 and ask to speak your opinion on what has been said. It would be best if you voice support for the 2nd Amendment and Mr. Levy's statements rather than personally attacking whoever the antigunner is.


Anonymous said...

This is a great post for gun lovers. thanks for giving your insights

Don said...

No, thank YOU, Blogging Robot!

Anyway, I wonder why the anti hasn't been announced. Is it that hard to find somebody, or is there something a little meaner going on?

Anonymous said...

I'll tune in and try to get through.

Mike W. said...

Repeal the 2nd Amendment? Oh Boy, why not the 3rd too, since we obviously don't need it anymore either.

I'll say the samething to these folks (whomever they put on) that I did when the Chicago Tribune called for repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

Repealing the 2nd Amendment doesn’t make it go away anymore than repealing the rest of the Bill of Rights would allow the government to kick in my door and rob, beat, imprison and torture me with impunity. The 2nd Amendment is inherent and inalienable just like the rest of the Bill of Rights. Words on ink & parchment don't "grant" me the right to keep & bear arms, they merely codify a pre-existing right. My rights, all of them, exist independent of the Constitution."