Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Media Nonsense

Via Alphecca, a 'reporter' announces the 'death' of the NRA. To bad his 'facts' all come from Brady Campaign press releases. He claims that the NRA lost 80% of it's endorsed races against 'gun control candidates'. That number comes from a carefully phrased Brady claim that about 20 out of 25 races in where there was a Democratic turnover. That in no way shows a complete picture. This is re-enforced when he states that the Brady's won 90% of their endorsed races.

"Nobody can accuse Obama of campaigning dishonestly on the issue of gun control. "
Sure we can. Not only that, but he had his associates in the media campaign dishonestly for him as well.

Now the real nonsense:

Obama consistently advocated for increasing law enforcement's ability to trace guns by reinstituting tracking legislation repealed by the Bush administration;
Oh Really? He's claiming that police CAN'T access trace data? Misinformed or lying?

closing the famous "gun show loophole" that allows gun buyers to avoid background checks;
By mandating all sales go through FFL dealers that Obama also supports lawsuits against in order to shut them down

mandating additional safety features on U.S.-manufactured guns;
That don't exist.

resurrecting the expired ban on assault weapons and making it permanent.
Expanded to include millions more firearms that aren't commonly used in crime.

Note that the author didn't mention Obama's desire to circumvent the laws of 48 states by banning CCW in lieu of his claims to allow locales to make their own laws.

He then goes on to quote more Brady statistics and even gush over the AHSA, dismissing an unnamed 'NRA blogger' (who I'm sure received his wheelbarrow full of cash) and claiming the AHSA will become the NRA's 'rival'.

He started his group along w. numerous other extremist gun control activists including Rosenthal. In order to stump for Obama, they scrubbed their entire website of any 'controversial' measures and modified several of their stances.

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