Thursday, November 20, 2008

Puppet Polls

Paul latest crowing is about a poll claiming that most Americans want "sensible gun laws" including licensing and bans.

This poll was done by Penn, Schoen & Berland. Looking into their history of polls, it turns out that they also claimed in 2004 that Chavez would lose by 20% in opposition to polls taken by five different polling groups. In fact, Chavez won by 20% and PSB released the polls before the end of the election in contradiction to Venezuelan law with the polls being taken by anti-Chavez activists. They also miscalled the Italian general election in 2006.

Sorry folks, when a conclusion report is filled with the talking points of the people that payed them (ie 'sensible gun laws' , 'reasonable restrictions', 'military-style', etc), and the questions were written to get a particular response, I'm going to call their results into question. Especially when non-affiliated polls show much less support for increased restrictions.


Joe Allen said...

I want sensible gun laws.


No restrictions on ownership or carry whatsoever, repeal of the GCA, repeal of the NFA, no more FFL requirements or residency limitations on purchase, etc.

You know, sensible gun laws.


Anonymous said...

Helmke just can't restrain himself.

This could work in our favor. If Obama were smart he'd hold off on passing this crap until his 2nd term. That would give them a chance to build a veto proof majority in 2010.

If Helmke really wants to ram this crap through in 2009, by all means, bring it on.

Then we spank him in 2010 and spank him hard.

Joe Allen said...

"he'd hold off on passing this crap until his 2nd term."

For the love of God, don't even say things like that!

So much for lunch. Urp.