Saturday, August 30, 2008

The subjects march against violence

In Mexico, the disarmed populace expect the notoriously corrupt and violent government to protect them from violence and corruption:

Holding candles and dressed in white, demonstrators on the capital's Paseo de la Reforma main street carried posters and pictures of kidnap victims and signs saying, "Enough Is Enough."

I'm sure President Calderon will get right on that.


Don said...

Because that was the problem: the Mexican government just didn't realize there was a problem with violent crime in freaking Mexico.

It's a good thing these fine folks were around to point that out.

Thirdpower said...

Well of course. It's all the fault of the US selling .38 revolvers at gun shows in Texas that the 25,000 troops and police are getting their asses kicked.

BobG said...

Maybe they should quit wasting time with candles and try taking control of their country.