Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Contract on America

Armed and Safe notes that our favorite Reverend, "Snuffy" Pfleger, has put a $5000 bounty on what he describes as "Gun Runners". Being that he considers anyone in the firearm business as a "Gun Runner", one wonders how many bounties he will have to pay out.

As usual, he's put the cart before the horse. To wit:

"We have to create an atmosphere where people are afraid to do crimes because they understand the community sees them as an enemy. Until we create that, people think they can get by with it. It's not acceptable," said Fr. Michael Pfleger, St. Sabina Church.

Here's the thing Snuff. The real criminals you want the community to see as the enemy are part of the community. They are the sons, daughters, friends, uncles, etc. of the people who are not turning them in now. The 'community' is wearing "Stop Snitchin' " shirts in courtrooms to keep people from testifying. The 'community' is telling the police they didn't see a thing when crimes are committed on their streets. They're not going to start turning them in because you've offered them a measly five grand. That's not worth their life. Really. Look at how many mothers you see on TV crying out about their "good boys" being killed when they were lifelong criminals with a record a mile long?

Be honest w/ yourself. You're not going to go after "gun runners", "straw purchasers", or anyone else who is committing actual crimes in your 'community'. You're going to continue to harass legitimate businesses and haranguing about the evils of guns. Just like your buddy Rev. Jackson.

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