Friday, May 9, 2008

Silly "Assault Weapon" Definitions

It's well documented that NJ bans the Marlin 60 and the JCHiggins 29 as "High Capacity Assault Weapons". Apparently Il Senator Dan Kotowski, in his magazine ban amendment conveniently attached to a blank child exploitation bill, wants to join in the stupidity by banning this:

The Henry Varmint Express in .17HMR. Why does this fall under the ban? Because the ban only exempts tubular magazined firearms chambered in .22 or ammo no longer available.

And this is why trying to define an "assault weapon" will be a never ending chore as the people doing the defining don't know what they're talking about. Right Sen McCarthy?

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Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I think SB 1007 is what the other side considers to be their last chance to ban something in Illinois this year. My guess is that the bully tactics against Reps. Cole and Reboletti are an attempt to exert leverage on them, in order to get their support for SB 1007.