Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Best Mothers Day Gift of All.

While Paul Helmke is rehashing eight year old events that went nowhere and Marsha McCartney, of the Brady Bunch spin-off sitcom set in Texas, gets down on her knees to um.. er.. beg (yeah that's the ticket) for more gun control, a conversation I had this weekend with an acquaintance shows what people do when they REALLY care for others' welfare.

My acquaintance, who resides outside of the People's Soviet of Illinois, knowing that I am a firearm enthusiast, told me that he was working on purchasing his first handgun. Being that he doesn't have a history of the same enthusiasm about them as I have, I jokingly asked him if he was planning on getting his CCW license as well. To my surprise, he replied "Yes".

Why the change of heart?

Two words.

Jeanne Assam.

My acquaintance is an Elder in his faith. After the Colorado Springs shooting and the other tragic events at VT, NIU, etc, he and the other Elders decided to take a took at the security of their church. Already a "Gun Free Zone", they recognized that the ONLY situations where the shooters were stopped before the end of their rampage were the ones where the people actively took measures to defend themselves. Their conclusion was to quietly establish an armed security detail made up of fellow church members and to get them trained to respond in case of an emergency.

Why not just advise everyone to run away or "show no resistance" as the anti's state we should? Because as he put it "sometimes there's nowhere to run to".

He, the pastor, and several others are currently in the process of choosing and purchasing handguns, finding locations to practice (of which I have volunteered my range), getting their CCW's in their respective state, and establishing emergency procedures should the worst occur.

Paul and his ilk instead advocate disarming them in all situations, leaving them helpless, and relying exclusively on the authorities in the hopes that a sociopath doesn't manage to circumvent one of the countless laws that are already on the books or one of the constant "just one more" laws that the Brady's et al. say will stop crime in its tracks.

I am going to do everything I can to assist them in their endeavor.

Mothers (and Fathers) protecting their children against the evils of this world.

That is the best Mothers Day Gift of all.


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First, I am not affiliated with them in any way and get absolutely nothing for suggesting them to anyone. That said, I encourage anyone wanting to learn defensive handgun use to at least look at this site. If defense of a congregation or other group is at issue, I would do everything possible to get trained there.