Thursday, January 24, 2008

JadeGold wants some attention.

In a post over on Bryan's blog, JadeGold (Guy Cabot) claims that the NORC Firearms study wasn't funded by the Joyce Foundation. Perhaps he should actually try reading the study:

Appendix: Surveys
General Social Survey (GSS), 1972-2006: The GSS is a full-probability sample of adults
living in households in the United States using in-person interviews. For more details, see
Davis, Smith, and Marsden, 2007. GSS gets its main funding from the National Science
Foundation. The added questions on the regulation of firearms in 2006 were supported by a grant from the Joyce Foundation.
National Gun Policy Survey (NGPS), 2001: The NGPS is a random digit dialing sample
of adults living in households with telephones. Sample size was 1,176 in 2001. For more
details, see Smith, 2001. The NGPS was funded by the Joyce Foundation.

Since the GSS is operated by NORC, guess what dumbass? It's funded by the Joyce Foundation.

He then goes on to claim that they "controlled" for differences in population. I'm sure I'll keep waiting for evidence of this when they state that it's based off of percentages of population. There's a reason they used percentages instead of total numbers. It's due to bias. I've shown mine, now we'll wait for JadeGuy to show his. So far all he's done is thrown out his usual insults w/o backing up his assertions.

Quote from CavTrooper:

It's not just that Joyce Fdn gave NORC money, it's that they authored gun-related questions used in collecting data in the survey.

Similar to how the Joyce Fdn authored an anti-gun policy statement published under the name of the National Association of Chiefs of Police last year...shortly after making a six-figure donation to pave the way.

That thud you hear is their credibility, as well as what little remains of yours, hitting the deck.


Anonymous said...

The basic household gun ownership questions are part of the NORC GSS core questionnaire, which is not funded by Joyce.

The gun control policy questions are part of the supplemental topical module, which is funded by Joyce.

Anonymous said...

You won't mind providing evidence of this, pn nj?

Anonymous said...

I thought not, but I expected at least a weak attempt at deflection...

The same Anonymous as above

Anonymous said...

Not dodging the question. Just haven't been to this blog in a few days.

There's no single link that pulls together all of my points above. However, here are a couple of starting points:

Go to page 25 in the second link. Core questionnaire gun questions have low numbers; supplemental Joyce-funded questions have high numbers.

Here's some information on supplemental topical modules:

Finally, if you review the Joyce Foundation grant list for Gun Violence, you will see payments to NORC (eg, $39,499 in 2005) to pay for such additional questions:

Like I said, a lot of pieces to get the overview.