Sunday, December 9, 2007

Inadvertant gun rights activists.

or: They can 'scare white people' too.

Anti-rights activists like Alex, JadeGold, and 'Anonymous' are , in my opinion, doing us all a favor. Their profanity laden, hate-filled diatribes do one thing besides waste bandwidth. They make any 'fence-sitters', those with no strong opinions on the matter, think "If these people are this incoherent, maybe the other side has a point." In other words, it encourages them to look at those that our resident venom-spitters are directing their hate towards with a more positive view. I've gotten linked to by several sites that have nothing to do with firearms, their ownership, or rights for the mere fact that these sites have also been the object of similar hate attacks by said individuals. Who do you think the readers of these sites will look more favorably on?

And for Ms. "Anonymous" Lewisburg, PA. Every time you load a page on this site, I get a little money. So, not only are you helping us out with your words, but your actions as well. Thanks to you, I'm well on my way towards another box of ammo.

Thank you all for supporting the cause.

Apparently Sharp as a Marble posted something similar.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Who's Alex? I haven't had the "pleasure."

Anonymous said...

You don't know Alex? He of "I love my daughter more than you love your gun" fame? The Culturologist?

Wow! You're lucky! I wish I had no memory of him.

He's one of those very, very, VERY angry people who hates homosexuals and projects his own hatred onto others. He loves violence, just not with guns since he'd more than likely kill someone with all his rage so he assumes you would too.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ah--thanks, Robb. But wait--that can't be right. I'm told that it's us who are the hate-filled bigots who teeter on the brink of homicidal rage.

So, is his blog gone now? From the information you provided, I was able to find a link, but it just takes me to the Blogspot "Page Not Found" page.

Wouldn't that be a tragedy?

Thirdpower said...

Asst. Prof Alex AKA ATR and "culturologist" who ran the now disappeared "Ilovemydaughtermorethanyouloveyourguns" site. Type in "Alex"in the google spot at the top of my site and have fun reading. He oozed from Robyn Ringlers site over to Robb's. Another well known troll. He posted numerous hateful screeds on his three blogs against gays, republicans, sociologists (of which he was one), Muslims, Catholics, and anyone he didn't feel was up to his moral code.
I'm guessing his blogs being shut down was a professional decision as shortly before they disappeared I got numerous google hits searching his name.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Or maybe they finally got his meds dialed in.

Michael Hawkins said...

Well, he went offline shortly after filling his blog with cartoons, maybe the authors didn't like that?