Monday, October 22, 2007


It's only common sense that since potatoes can be used as silencers, they need to be registered under the NFA and microstamped. This assault tuber has no place in the hands of civilians and should be limited to police and military use.


Anonymous said...

Ok, my interest is piqued. Exactly how does that work?

Anonymous said...

I read something about IRA assassins using this technique years ago.

I don't know if you're supposed to bore a hole through the potato first or just jam it on to the barrel as is...the account I read didn't go into details...but it supposedly works very well as a single-shot suppressor...if a little messy.

The account I read described the technique being used with a revolver. I'm guessing that was the case in this instance as well since no shell casings were found.

Anonymous said...

It was my understanding that only a specially designed revolver with specialized ammo could be used with a suppresser, something about the gap between the cylinder and barrel makes it imposssible to suppress overwise.

Melody said...

Where is the Brady Bunch?

I did not see Paul, offering a half baked, inane diatribe about the evils of vegetables and other food items in the potential commission of crimes.

I would have thought he would have at least posted something about the dangers of gas producing foods, and accidental ignition from open flames.

Anonymous said...

Definitely appears to be an urban legend