Friday, November 9, 2007

Chicago politics in action..

Ald. Arenda Troutman, under indictment for bribery (shock) and defeated in her district reportedly completely stripped her former office of not only her personal belongings, but the office furniture, computers, and all paperwork.

"Residents, businessmen would come into our office and indicate that they had submitted paperwork for something -- building permits, letters of support, block clubs, any and everything. They were expecting some action on it and the action was not there. There was nothing there for us [to act on]. We had to start the process all over again."

What a class act. I'm sure she's close pals with Mayor Daley.

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Anonymous said...

She was the one that had a revolver that belonged to another in her home in Chicago.

While Alderman are allowed to carry, they have to have a FOID and go through training. I suspect she skipped on some of that.

Also, I wonder if the federal paperwork was done on the transfer of the PI's revolver to her.