Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chicago Police Still Registering Guns: Their Own

This is too funny:
Just so everyone is made aware. The only people subjected to firearms registration is active Chicago Police Officers. State law has eliminated this for everyone including retired CPD. The only reason that firearms registration is still in existence is because by General Orders, active CPD are required to have their duty firearms registered. Active CPD are also the only ones still required to register their non duty weapons as well. State law has exempted everyone else from this.
So for years of the police being exempt from the 'safety' restrictions imposed upon the peasants, the CPD are not the ones on the receiving end.

H/T to GSL

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Old NFO said...

Gotta love karma... :-)

Don said...

I love SecondCityCop, and I wouldn't root for anything stupid to happen to them, but since this is happening, I'm going to enjoy a chuckle before I move on.

Thirdpower said...

W/o a doubt the 2CC guys are the good guys and represent what the police are supposed to be. But for all those in the leadership and support more restrictions on firearm ownership, the schadenfreude is directed towards them.