Saturday, July 5, 2014

20 and 193

Those aren't your winning lottery numbers, those are losing numbers in Chicago.

The 20+ is how many were shot in Chicago celebrating the 4th of July.  Mostly the usual idea:
gunfire was exchanged between cars  (iow gangs)
arguing with at least two people in a van (iow gang/drug)
Someone in a passing car opened fire (iow gang)
the shooter opened fire from inside a passing car (iow gang)
described the shooting as a drive-by (iow gang)
the man was throwing gang signs
And the weekend's just started. But Rahm and Quinn think it's more important to keep honorably discharged veterans w/ no criminal record disarmed than deal w/ violent gangs. 193 people have filed suit against the state for denial of a CCW license and no explanation.
After taking a firearms training course, paying a host of fees, and submitting fingerprints for a background check that he ultimately passed, Michael Thomas was puzzled when he was notified earlier this year that a special review board had denied his application for a concealed carry license.

Thomas, a former Air Force reservist who said he routinely carried a gun during military service and has never had a run-in with the law, is one of more than 800 people who have been denied licenses by the board, which meets behind closed doors and keeps its records and reasoning secret, even from applicants who are denied.
Due process.  Just one more element of the BOR oppose to try and keep lawful citizens disarmed.

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That's how many IL/Cook Cnty/Chicago tax dollars are going to be going into the hands of the lawyers to pay for the latest round of anti-gun politicians trying to keep lawful citizens disarmed. Never mind all the tax payer paid lawyers spending thousands of man hours on this instead of actually prosecuting crimes. Of course this won't be the end of it as they will spend hundreds of thousands more to try and litigate it down a few thousand dollars. Not to mention Quinn's $55m 'anti-crime' debacle that lined the pockets of many a Chicago political donor.

These are the same people that tell us we need our taxes and fees raise otherwise the schools will be shut down and the police will be laid off. 

THIS is the reason I will never support ANY tax or fee increase.  No matter how much more is taken from my wallet, the politicians will find a way to divert or waste it leading to calls for more tax/fee increase demands.  And for those who keep voting these politicians in, remember this when that next round of school funding cuts comes around. 

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Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

That's about the way I feel about it right now for various reasons.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014


What kind of 'culture' produces people like this?
INKSTER, Mich. (AP) — A man accused of killing a 2-year-old Detroit-area girl shot her in front of her father to torture him, state police said Thursday....
Besides murder, Jackson is also charged with attempted murder, torture and other crimes. Kamiya's father, Ken French, 34, and a family friend, 12-year-old Chelsea Lancaster, were also shot and are in a hospital.
But this wasn't just one sided.
 There has been bad blood in the past between the two men including Jackson being shot in April at an after hours club. This was apparently a payback.
And then we had another honor roll student in Chicago:
CHICAGO — A 13-year-old Chicago boy is being held in a juvenile facility on charges he shot three teens. 
 No 'youthful indiscretion' here. He intentionally walked up to the three in order to kill them.

As much as anti-gun fanatics like to blame 'gun culture', 'insurrectionists', the NRA, etc.  That's not where not so isolated events like the ones above are stemming from.

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Brady Campaign: Details Don't Matter

It's the meme that's important.

In their latest fundraising campaign, they bring up the spectre of a murder from 15 years ago:
Fifteen years ago today, my brother and I went out for a bike ride while our father, Ricky Byrdsong, jogged alongside us. I never thought a simple outing through our neighborhood would end with my father dying before my eyes.
Just three blocks from our home, my father was shot and killed by a violent man, a Neo-Nazi with a criminal record that prohibited him from buying a gun. Despite the fact that he failed a background check, my father’s killer bought two handguns from an unlicensed private seller with no questions asked.
The frustration that remains today is that my father’s death could have been prevented…
It's true, the murderer, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, WAS a prohibited person and had been refused a sale at a licensed dealer.  He then went to an unlicensed dealer who was under investigation by the BATFE.
CHICAGO — A central Illinois gun dealer who allegedly sold a white supremacist the two weapons used in a deadly Fourth of July weekend shooting spree was charged Wednesday with selling firearms illegally.
Note that.  Illinois.  What do you need in Illinois to own or purchase a firearm?  A FOID card. So did Smith get refused and then go through the 'loophole'?  Why no, no he didn't:
According to Illinois police, the state issued Smith a gun owner's ID card two weeks before the shootings because a background check did not reveal an order of protection filed by an ex-girlfriend. Let's enforce existing laws! The problem was confusion over middle initial problems, said officials.
So even though Feissinger was already breaking the law by 'being in the business' w/o a license,  it wasn't 'no questions asked' since Smith HAD A STATE ISSUED LICENSE to own a firearm because the ISP screwed up... again.

So obviously the solution is to pass MORE laws that won't be followed and the authorities will drop the ball on. 

One completely true statement from the email though:
P.S. Congress still ignores us
And this is part of the reason why. Not only the dishonesty of the email but the fact they're still living like it was their heyday over a decade ago.  Virtually noone knows who 'Jim Brady' is anymore so even their name is irrelevant today.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bloomberg Buying IL Rep Kelly Pays Off

So Bloomie buys a US House seat for $2.2m.  Unsurprisingly Rep Kelly does exactly what she's been paid (by Bloomberg) to do, push for gun control.

She put out the 'Kelly Report' which contains about every trope, meme, and myth in the anti-gun playbook. Smart guns, suicide, assault weapons, sandy hook, columbine, international comparisons, 'high-income' countries.. you name it, it's in there.  Just about the only thing missing is a study 'proving' gun owners have small penises. In fact, it's mostly a collection of Joyce Foundation funded 'studies' by bought and paid for anti-gun hacks like Hemenway, Cook, Webster, etc.

One of the first highlights:

Followed by the arbitrary terminology of 'Developed' and that stupid bit comparing cities to countries.

Then the classic lie from the VPC about machineguns = assault weapons:
Similarly, in Switzerland, active duty officers in the Swiss Army are issued assault rifles and are allowed to keep their rifles either in a local armory or in their homes. However, the Army does not issue ammunition to soldiers who opt to keep their guns in the home. Once their service is complete, their rifle must be registered with the government and converted to semi-automatic mode. Additionally, in Switzerland, assault weapons are completely banned for civilians,
There is so much factually wrong w/ that I don't know where to begin but note the claiming that 'assault weapons' are full/select fire weapons of the military.

Then we get into the Kellerman myth of Colonial/early US:
In 1792, the first U.S Congress enacted the Uniform Militia Act , which required all able-bodied white male citizens under 45 to possess a musket. However, tough restrictions were imposed on the sale of ammunition, the storage of gunpowder and the dis - charge of arms in towns and cities. In some instances, militiamen were even prohibited from traveling with a loaded weapon.
And it wouldn't be complete w/o reference to the 'Wild West' banning guns:
Fast forward to the frontier towns of America’s Wild West in the mid-to-late 1800s, and gun regulations were stricter than the laws we have on the books today.
Do I even need to mention what the 'conclusions' are to get the streets filled w. rainbow farting, gumdrop pooping unicorns?

This is what $2m buys you in Congress. 

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Jon Stewart: Supporting Firearms Same as Supporting Kiddy Porn

Yeah.  Comedy at its highest.Now I have a sense of humor.  The 'National Raygun Assoc.' from Futurama, the Simpsons spoof, all the bits on King of the Hill.... Hilarious.  This though?  Too many people forget he's a 'comedian' and not actually a newscaster.

It's also pretty much default for arguments FOR gun control.  No real facts or support, only insults, lies and libel.

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart apparently sees a parallel between the political clout of Japan’s defenders of animated child rape and the National Rifle Association. Stewart made the connection Thursday night following a segment on “The Daily Show” about the recent vote by Japan’s upper house of parliament to finally ban the possession of child pornography.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lies

Start w/ this description:
According to the Sheriff's Office, a search warrant served on Knapp's Mercedes and storage unit turned up a pound of meth, half a pound of heroin, 15 firearms and approximately $40,000 in cash.
Alright.  Police get a goblin off the street. Good job, right?  Now let's look at what the sheriff's office found.
Of those firearms, 12 were military assault rifles (five of which were confirmed stolen), two were stolen handguns and one was a fully functional 20 mm anti-tank/sniper rifle, according to the Sheriff's Office.
Some scary stuff, right? Look at the pic.
Sheriff: Arrested drug dealer had anti-tank rifle

Um, 12 military assault rifles?  Really?  Where.  I see maybe 2 MSR's, a few tricked out shotguns and a bunch of Mosin's along w/ other bolt action rifles.  That anti-tank rifle is a WWII relic if my knowledge is correct.  Can you even get ammo for it? 

So the PSH completely ruins the points for the actual police work they did especially since some MDA puppet goes on a nonsense rant about carrying an anti-tank gun in Target. 

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