Saturday, August 10, 2013

More .@CSGV Lies About Gun Owners

Since none of the facts fit their distorted worldview they have to fall back on tried and true dehumanizing. Why not bring out that old worn-out hat of the 'Turner Diaries' and pallets of them selling out at gun shows ?


Combined w/ an even more ridiculous claim that Jared Loughner was inspired by it.  (right out of the playbook, use emotionally charged changes of topics)

Actually I did ask years ago:

Also talked to "The Book Guy", Roy Carey Jr. ( Oddly enough, there was not a single copy of the Turner Diaries or the Protocols present so I asked him why. He told me that not only does he not carry books like that (along w. ones like the Anarchist Cookbook) but that the sponsors of the shows he attends (most of Il and the tri-state area) don't want them there either. Hmmm. That seems to fly in the face of PSH claims that lines are out the door at shows for materials like that.
And even since then w/ dozens more IL shows attended, I've never seen a copy for sale.  The only time I've ever been asked about it was by someone I strongly suspect was an anti-gun plant looking for fodder since minutes after he walked away, another person asked me about another controversial title for the first and last time.So IOW, the 'traitors' at Amazon likely sell more copies of it than gun shows combined.

So yeah, the statist CSGV continues to be FOS when it comes to the people they want to see interned/executed for 'treason' and 'insurrectionism'. Who do YOU think has the more dangerous philosophy?

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Old Jarhead said...

That is funny. I have attended hundreds of gun show, and have never seen "The Turner Diaries" for sale at a single one I have attended. I guess they are just like those "full auto conversion kits" the loonies always are talking about. Haven't seen one of those, yet, either.

ISH (Mininerd) said...

I confess! I am a gun-owner and gun-rights advocate, and I own copies of "The Turner Diaries," "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," "Mien Kompf," and a collecton of random other neo-nazi pamphlets. I bought them from my university bookstore... Along with "The Communist Manifesto" and Plato's "Republic."

Contrary to the censorious thinking of these assholes, reading a book is not the same as agreeing with its contents. Reading "Turner" didn't make me a neonazi and reading "Joy of Cooking" didn't turn me into a chef.

Roberta X said...

I have seen "The Turner Diaries." It has showed up at Indy 1500 gun shows for years, at the same bookseller's table.

...There's just one catch: it's also the *same* copy. It's used and the cover has a bent corner and some distinctive scuffs. In over a decade of my attendance at those shows, they've never managed to sell the thing.

Geodkyt said...

I've only seen the Turner Diaries ONCE at a gunshow that I can recall.

I've literally seen more copies of Paula Deen cookbooks for sale at gunshows.