Sunday, March 26, 2017

OGRE DE: Ceasefire Collapse 4-Way @SJGames

The next round.  This time we played w/ both the G1 and S1 maps.  CinC and 5th Power both joined us. 5th power has played the original OGRE several times but this was his first venture into running conventional pieces and on the GEV terrain boards.  CinC had never played before.  Instructions were given before game and while running.

We each chose a section of the map and selected our pieces.

Me. Nihon. NW portion of the S1 map.  I was asked by a friend to experiment w/ a SuperHeavy focused force.  Normally I split between an armored thrust and fast assault force. This time I went w/ a heavy armor exclusively.

5 Superheavies
3 Missile Tanks
6 Light Tanks
18 Infantry

4thpower Alpha.BlackRose Mercenaries. SE portion of the G1 map. He went with a powerhouse assault force with the howitzer battery as his primary defensive position behind the river w/ lots of infantry support.

2 Heavy Tanks
2 Light GEV's
2 GEV-PC's
2 Mobile Howitzers
3 SuperHeavy Tanks
1 Howitzer
18 Infantry

5th Power. NAC. NE portion of the G1 map.  A very mixed but light force.

1 Superheavy tank
1 Howitzer
4 Light GEV
1 Hvy Tank
3 Missile Tanks
2 Light Tanks
16 Infantry and 1 Marine unit.

CinC. Sons of Old Nassau.  SW Portion of the G1 map. Mixed force heavy on howitzers.
1 Howitzer
2 Mobile Howitzer
2 Heavy Tanks
2 Light Tanks
1 Superheavy Tank
2 Missile Tanks

Initial setup (North is down): 4PA made it clear he wanted to 'take down Mom'.  Turn order was CinC,5P, 4PA, Me.

First round was maneuvering. Adjusting forces and moving towards objectives:

2nd Round:  First blood was by CinC.  She took out one of 4PA's Superheavies w/ a '6'.  That was the start of the addiction. The rest of her forces began moving towards mine. 5P maneuvered towards my lines and 4PA retaliated against Mom.

3rd Round. The powers joined forces to attack my eastern lines and 4PA began moving his heavy units down the center road.  Nihon forces took out the advance GEV's of CinC.   CinC continue to move her forces towards my lines.

 4th Round: The beginning of the backstabs. Faced against the heavily defended and re-enforced town, 5P turned against his brother (4PA) and decimated fast assault force which was finished off by Nihon forces shortly after.   CinC's SoON forces hit hard against the Nihon defenses, losing a number of units.

Rnd 5&6.  Nihon and NAC forces move South (up), mixing back and forth w/ the SoON and BRM units.

 Rounds 7&8: Nearing endgame
A rush by Nihons Superheavies takes out the last of CinC's Howitzers, leaving the rest for mop-up.  The center of the map turns into a free-for-all as BRM, NAC, and Nihon units clash. The BRM units were eventually taken out.

At this point it was time for supper and my back/butt hurt from sitting at the table so long. I turned my remaining units over to 5P for a push to take out 4PA's city fortress.  Once 5P got over there, the struggle to get over the river took out a lot of his pieces but he managed to kill the howitzer and several infantry.  I called it a draw when it was down to 5p's lone howitzer and 4PA had 6 infantry left.

To answer the question asked, using the large number of SuperHeavies worked well especially in coordination w/ supporting units and taking best advantage of defensive terrain.

Both of my new players enjoyed themselves.  CinC said this on her FB: 
Learned to play Ogre today, at Hubby's urging. Drew first blood, and found that I enjoyed the sensation. Not sure that Hubby realizes what a monster he has created.
It is an addictive game.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More OGRE Stuff

Yeah, I'm on a kick.

The SJGames website is somewhat...difficult.. to navigate when wanting to find particular things.  I was asked about OGRE expansions and they are all over the place.  So here is a list of some of them. 

The OGRE Designer's Edition (ODE) was on Kickstarter and included EVERYTHING plus some.  It is out of print but can be found regularly on Ebay. 

Do not fret though. OGRE 6th Edition in the same scale is available. This is the core game. The original nuke blasted map and the original pieces.

More pieces and OGRE's are available in the just released OGRE Reinforcements set along w/ rules, terrain, and scenarios.

Much of what was in ODE can be pieced together. The G1,2, and S1,2 maps are available here. The rule book is here. 'Retail Edition' counters of ODE are here.

The '4.5k' Sponsored Counters from the Kickstarter  (like the fantastic Nihon:North American Divisions set) are available through here. I believe some of them are sold out though.

Other KS exclusives can be found from time to time at outrageous prices on Ebay.

The recent plastic minis Kickstarter units can be pre-ordered here.

Hope this helps.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

OGRE DE: Ceasefire Collapse @SJGames

One of my favorite scenarios from the game. A straight out slugging match between forces. 4P Alpha and I played a standard round to get him familiar w/ the ODE / GEV rules.  5P started playing but had to leave to a 4h meeting w/ CinC and 4P Bravo.

Starting out w/ 16 points of armor and 18 points of infantry on the 'G2' map. 

I chose: (Nihon, shock)
Superheavy tank (2 pt)
Mobile Howitzer (2 pt)
2 Heavy tanks
1 Missile Tank
3 Lt tanks ( 1/2 pt ea)
4 GEV's (Hovercraft)
4 GEV-PC's (personnel carriers  1/2 pt ea)
3 Light GEV's (1/2 pt ea)
16 infantry and 1 Heavy Weapons team ( 2 pts)

He chose a heavy, defensive mix (Black Rose Merc's)
2 Howitzers (2 pts ea)
4 Heavy Tanks
4 GEV's
4 Missile Tanks
8 Infantry, 3 Marines (2 pt ea) and 2 Heavy Weapons Teams

starting out:
 He centered his forces around his two howitzers.  I split mine up into two armor squads, three fast reaction teams, and the mobile howitzer w/ infantry support. 

4P-A sent a few units piecemeal  up the causeways which got taken out quickly but built a strong defense position in the two city spaces in the SW map.  That ended up taking out one of my fast reaction teams in its entirety.
 He re-enforced it more by the time my SuperHeavy squad got there. Two of my fast reaction teams managed to get over the bridges and to the SE cities (filled w/ infantry) while he blocked my 2nd armor team w/ a platoon of Marines.

 The Superheavy tank fell to a well rolled Howitzer shot.  Back and forth decimated both defenders and the assault teams. The 2nd tank team and Marines took eachother out but the fast reaction forces in the SE took out the local Howitzer and several of the defenders before moving West. The Mobile Howitzer finally got in range to take a shot at some infantry that had moved out of its defensive position.

Taking out the 2nd howitzer w/ the remaining GEV's guaranteed endgame.  4P-A decided to end w/ honor and have all his pieces end in fire.

 I finished the game w/ 11 scattered infantry, 2 GEV's, 2 GEV-PC's, a Light GEV, and the Mobile Howitzer.

Things we take away from this session.

1) I got lucky w/ only losing a few infantry and disabled units to spillover fire.

2) His choice of 5 special infantry units cost him as he had 30% less to work with compared to me.

3) He used defensive terrain very well but I would bait him to move out of it and he'ld get destroyed.

Looking forward to playing again.

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Ancient Dread: The Eight Sided Ambush


We move past the wall, writhing and squirming around us in anger. The imposing ceiling is not quite as imposing. The buildings become more densly packed and less fire damaged. The quality of the buildings have become more urban than rural seeming. They are less built than carved from the living stone. Are we actually inside the third island?

We come upon a wall with a gateway. Closed. Two giant brass rings. Opening in. There was once a mechanism to assist opening but it's long gone. Rod casts a Portal spell allowing us to easily pass through. A long, pure white marble walkway stretches out before us, 15' wide. A large, ornate door ends it about 1000' away. On each side is infinite darkness instead of walls. The door, marble and inlaid with gold, an 8 sided design is depicted. A classic octagon. Various symbols surround it. The only recognizable one is an infinity symbol, flames, and some gems icons. Others are wavy lines, a three sided shape w/ one side open, and others. Acdor and Strongbow together open the door.
Inside is, unsurprisingly, an octagonal room, huge, about 25' in height. Seven separate panels circle the room set in from the walls. The six symbols from the door are on the floor, one in front of each panel. Between the walls and panels are circular hatches with a whitish metal. The panel directly across from the entrance has no symbol. Strongbow tosses an arrowhead at one of the symbols but nothing occurs.

We decide to try the wavy lines first, whether air or water, we have a strength there. Echo goes first, stepping on the symbol. Four Shedim demons and three gargoyles suddenly appear, attacking Echo. The blows come fast and furious, hurting several demons, Echo, and Ackdor. Echo summons an Ice Elemental to fight. King fells one of the Shedim. Strongbow uses his bracelet of Charismatic Aura to stop 6 of the creatures but is hit by one of the Gargoyles, tearing his face. King and Ackdor face off against the remaining Gargoyle while Strongbow calls on the demons to return to their fell dimension or face their wrath. They shake in fear and disappear with the smell of sulfur in the air. Rod raises her holy sword and expels the remaining monster. We rest for a few while Rod heals the party.

We move to the three sided square. Stepping on it, the hatch behind the panel opens up. A dwarf sized tunnel is behind it. Ackdor, the shortest of the group, takes point. A room, ten feet in height. A pedastal is in the middle of the room w/ a key. At the high end of the back wall is another tunnel. Rod takes the key. The tunnel leads to another room. Ackdor goes through and calls out that there is a keyhole in the floor. Turning it, there is a grinding noise from behind us. Returning to the octagonal hall, on the North Wall, there is a mural of an octogon. The section of what would be the the three sided square has slid out, revealing the symbol.

Again we move to the wavy lines. The tunnel is filled with water. Brackish and black. Echo summons a phantom to cast breath without air on the party and scout ahead. It returns and describes a room. The party swims down, unable to see but feeling our way with a rope. Pulling ourselves up on a ledge, we send the phantom to find the key which it quickly does. In the center of the far room is the keyhole. We return to the Octagon room. The mural is shifted.

 We move on to the gemstones. The tunnel is sparkling. Jagged. We make it down with only Rod sliding down with some injury. We find three keyholes in the first room. The following room has a wall of solid ruby, one of solid sapphire, and one of solid emerald. The keys are buried inside them about a foot in. Strongbow teleports the gem wall away to reach the keys. The phantom, hauling our a chunk of gem, gets destroyed by energy bolts in the tunnel. We decide to leave the rest. The keys turn. The mural shifts.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Steve Jackson Games OGRE: Old School @SJGames

I'm a huge OGRE fan. I cut my teeth on it w/ a copy of GEV my sister got me decades ago and have picked up most of the stuff for it since then including being one of the custom sheet sponsors for the Deluxe Edition Kickstarter a bit back.

Currently they are running some 40th anniv. specials and re-releasing expansions in .PDF form.

Ogre 40th Anniversary Release: Shockwave

The game of Ogre has evolved over the years. Beginning as a humble Microgame in 1977, it has grown and expanded to become the beautiful monstrosity that was Ogre Designer's Edition, released in 2013. Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Ogre moves forward with Ogre Sixth Edition and the upcoming Ogre Reinforcements. This month, we're featuring digital re-releases of three classic, hard-to-find Ogre supplements: ShockwaveOgre Reinforcement Pack, and Battlefields
G.E.V. was the first expansion of Ogre. It was initially published as a stand-alone Microgame, focusing on the non-Ogre units and introducing rules for terrain, overruns, and more. These two Microgames formed the core of all future rules.
The first true supplement to the Ogre/G.E.V. line was Shockwave. Released in 1984 and reprinted in 2000, it brought Light GEVs, GEV-PCs, Marines, and the Superheavy Tank to the game. New targets were published as well, including reactors, strongpoints, hovertrucks, and more. 
But that was not what truly differentiates this supplement! Ever wonder what caused all those craters on the Ogre map? Shockwave details rules for Cruise Missiles (and their associated crawlers) to unleash this massive destruction upon the terrain. Additionally, rules for Lasers and Laser Towers give the poor defenders a chance at shooting these devastating weapons down!

I have multiple hard copies of all of them and they're all great to play.  Most of the material is in the ODE edition but the rules aren't in the OGRE 6e or the pocket edition.

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Kickstarter: HopJockey

From the universe of the Gamers and Journey Quest comes Matt Vancil's new book: Hopjockey.
Hopjockey is the umbrella universe that connects the rest of my work. For over ten years, I’ve been setting up the story by leaving clues in the movies and shows (and elsewhere) as to how everything connects.
Narratively, Hopjockey is its own standalone piece of fiction. No wider knowledge of the movies is necessary to enjoy it or understand what’s going on. It’s the main story in a wider universe, and the first in its own series—pending this first one getting funded, of course.

Go forth and support.

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