Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ancient Dread: Phantom MVP


We move to the flame symbol. The cover is warmer but not scalding. Opening it, warm, dry air comes out. The tunnel, as before, is dark and requiries crawling. The heat increases as I move forward. The hatch at the bottom is warmer still. I open the hatch. On the wall, opposite to to the tunnel, is a grate. The podium, as in the other rooms, is centered. Rod expands to look into the grate. Heat is considerable from it w/ an orange light at the far end, about 20 feet. Rod volunteers to go down the tunnel but Echo suggests sending a phantom. It reports a bright orange room surrounded by about 5' of lava. Easily enough, Echo commands the Phantom to retrieve the key. The key turns. The mural shifts.

The dashed lines. We open the cover. The air is refreshingly cool and pleasant. Moving down the tunnel, I move the the panel aside and look out. There is an archway at the other end. Past the archway is a web, about 20 feet long and ten feet across. On the far side is a cave like room filled w/ stalagtites and stalagmites. We send the phantom forward. Inhuman screams in the distance. The phantom returns, severely wounded. It had fought a giant cave spider and defeated it. We send the phantom back to retrieve the key then dismiss it. The key turns. The mural shifts.

The infinity symbol. Cool air and damp. The dais is octagonal instead of just round. A rope bridge on the far end. No railings. Echo, the most nimble of us, even for a human, crosses and ties a rope for the rest of us to cross safely. An ice elemental and the dias are the anchors. The far room is a huge octagon, two steps down is water. Hanging from the ceiling and covering much of the steps are vines, bluish-green in color. The party crosses over. There is some movement in the water, what it is we're not sure. The air is thicker than in the entrance room. Rod summons a Shadow Beast to search the waters. We send both the creatures in and they get attacked by multiple serpentine creatures. Rod and Echo recall their beasts. Several of the eels are floating dead on the surface but more are still there. Rod casts a portal into the pool, draining it into the cavern behind us. Several eels follow. The rest are left swimming in the few feet of water that remains. A lower portal drains the rest of the water and many more eels, the last flopping around in the few inches of remaining water. Echo sends the ice elemental in to send the rest of the eels into the portal and search for the key. We discover the key inside one of the large eels. A quick vivisection gets the key. The key turns. The mural shifts.

To be continued.

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Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms Screw IL Gun Owners

I'm not a fan of TTAG but even a broken clock is right twice a day.  In this case, IL legislators are trying to shut down FFL's through arbitrary licensing, fees, and regulation.  Having forgotten the lessons from S&W selling out to the Clinton administration back in 2000 , they removed their opposition to the licensing bill w/ a promise of exemption for them and big box stores.

The CEO's statement to TTAG ain't helping:

“The legislative process is a fluid process. The bill has only moved through one chamber, and it is still in the process. We fully support the Second Amendment and stand by it. The Illinois Manufacturers Association will continue to fight and protect not only manufacturers, but dealers and the gun owner as well.”
Springfield Armory
(309) 944-5631

Rock River Arms
(309) 792-5780

More from IllinoisCarry.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Modest Proposal

In Illinois everything is taxed, licensed, fee-ed, etc.... That is except legislators.  This should change.  Here is my proposal.

$1,000 fee on every bill or resolution introduced.
$500 fee on every amendment added.
$100 fee on every sponsor.
$50 fee on every co-sponsor.

An argument I heard in favor of state licensing for firearm dealers is that hairdressers, construction workers, pretty much every other profession, is licensed.

So why shouldn't legislators?

They should have testing in Federal and State Constitutional issues, public safety, education, and every topic they propose legislation on.  Each additional topic can be added as an endorsement and the legislator can then propose legislation on that topic.

Of course fees would be required to obtain the license and endorsements.

Revenue generated from these fees will be used for schools in the legislator's district.

Obviously any politician who would oppose this proposal is against the education of children.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Crime In Chicago: One More Reason Why

You know that saying used by gun nuts and derided by gun control activists "Enforce the laws on the books"?

 Case in point..
Simone Mousheh, 23, pleaded guilty Thursday to the illegal transfer of firearms in exchange for 12 months probation and 15 days in the Cook County sheriff's work alternative program, according to court records. S.W.A.P. allows judges to sentence nonviolent offenders to manual labor in lieu of jail time. She was also ordered to pay $679 in fines.
So she bought the guns, reported them 'stolen', then sold them to known gang-bangers and prohibited persons, one of which was recovered from a juvenile offender.

Yeah, that'll teach her. I'm sure all the other straw purchasers are shaking in their boots.

Aren't you glad that we're so well protected by the State and can rely on their protection from criminals?

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Gun Control Journalism In a Nutshell

From the keyboard of Laura Washington, long-time gun hater:
I write, often harshly, about The People of the Gun. I harbor a dim view of Second Amendment advocates. With each new shooting in Chicago, I have become more terrified of guns and the people who carry them.
It’s time I actually met one.
So years of hatred and vilification of firearm owners and, according to her, she's never actually talked to one until recently

There's words for that.... what are they again?

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

OGRE: BreakThrough (Round 1)

Sometimes teaching is hard.  To shake things up a bit and get my new(er) players out of the ' rush forward and kill everything' mentality, I put CinC and 4PA against each other in a classic 'BreakThrough' scenario w/ the G-1 map. I even had them use the 'Classic' counters just for fun. 

The object: A fast moving attacking force needs to break through a weakly defended point of the line.  Attackers need to get as many units off the North side of the board as quickly as possible.  The Defender needs to stop/delay them as much as possible. This was clearly (and regularly) explained at the beginning.

CinC took the attacker's role:  12 GEV's.

4PA as the defender.  6 armor units and 20 pts of infantry
2 Howitzers (2 au ea)
2 Heavy Tanks
16 Infantry (5 units of three squads and one 1)
2 Heavy Weapons Teams (2 pts ea)

Defender sets up w/ his pieces 'camouflaged' before attacker enters on the South end of the board.

Obviously thinking 'defend these units' and not 'stop the enemy from getting across'. 

Turn 1:  NAC forces (black) move in in 2 groups of five along the SE road and river and one group of two along the Western road. 

PE forces (white) revealed.

PE shifts a few infantry into the woods but otherwise no action:

An experienced attacker at this point would have redirected the Eastern forces all along the streambed and to the Western road, completely avoiding the poor howitzer placement. This is not what happened however.

Turn 2: NAC western GEV's continue up the road.  The two Eastern teams split up, some continuing North, some heading NW.

A PE Heavy Weapons team gets in range and disables a GEV.

Turn 3: NAC gets two GEV's off the map. Three others make a dash for the road. The remaining 8 run straight into the range of the Howitzers and infantry. They do manage to take out the two Heavy Weapons teams.
The PE forces kill three GEV's and disable two others.

Turn 4: NAC maneuvers, the three western GEV's trying to get off the board, the others trying to get out of range of the howitzers.
PE Heavy tanks take out two of the Western GEV's. An overrun by infantry kill the two disabled GEV's w/ a loss of two squads. 

Turn 5: Endgame.
NAC gets a GEV off the board.  The last two fall to a Heavy and a Howitzer. 

Total points: NAC 36  PE 54.  Marginal Defender Victory

Afterwards I explained how to improve their game.  Next time I'm thinking of switching their roles and/or the map.  The boy wants a 'Train' scenario so that is another option.

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