Monday, August 12, 2013

Two Is One and One Is None

Definitely true in this case:
An Imperial, Missouri woman was charged with burglary, first-degree assault and armed criminal action after she snuck into a house late Friday and repeatedly stabbed the homeowner during a burglary.
The home owner’s son came downstairs during the attack and held the woman, Christina Fudge, at gunpoint until the police arrived....I spoke with a family member today. She said after the police arrived they took the family’s shotgun.
Now giving the police the benefit of the doubt, the firearm in question is evidence in a violent crime. As long as the family gets it back, this is normal for a criminal case. If this is the only firearm they own, the question is 'Why?'.  Perfect reason to go out and get another. Or a few more. Fill up those safes people.

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