Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chicago Culture

Outside of the wonderful museums in the city, this is what passes for 'civilization' in the Windy City:

CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Cincy female tourists meet black youth mob in Chicago

Three Cincinnati women riding a rented bicycle on North Avenue Beach were confronted Saturday afternoon by a group of teens, one of whom is accused of stealing one woman’s iPhone, police said.  
 And where are these 'youth' getting these ideas from that other people's money is theirs to do w/ as they please?  Why from their role-models in the community:

Jesse Jackson Jr. Sentenced to 30 Months

Jesse L. Jackson Jr., the former United States representative from Illinois, was sentenced on Wednesday to 30 months in prison plus three years of supervised release following his guilty plea in February to one count of felony wire and mail fraud in connection with his use of $750,000 in campaign money.
It's the Chicago way.

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Robert Fowler said...

30 months for 3/4 of a mil. Must be nice. I'd have got 20 years.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I noted that the MSM's called the fraud and theft "misuse of $750,000".