Sunday, August 11, 2013

Normal Chicago Weekend

CHICAGO (STMW) Four men were killed and at least 22 other people wounded in gun violence across the city since Friday night.
But here's the really defining statement:
No one is in custody for any of the attacks as area detectives investigate.
Since 2004. Chicago's homicides have leveled off at about 450/year, a rate of about 16.5/100k.  Back in May, the CPD was touting a huge decrease in murders and shootings 'compared to the previous year' and 'lowest numbers since the 1960's'.  The 'previous year', however, had seen a spike of over 500 murders and the weather this winter/spring had been cold, rainy and miserable. Now with the nice, pleasant summer we've had, the killing is back to the average w/ about 240 so far this year w/ no sign of it slowing.

Welcome to Chicago.

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1 comment:

Bill Baldwin said...

two people were shot in Chicago's "Safe Passage Zone". I guess that's about as effective as gun free zones.