Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Expect Their Usual Turnout

Obama's perpetual campaign, OFA, has Aug 21st as their 'Day of Action' on gun control (note nothing on Jobs or the Economy) . In IL, they have 'rallies' planned in Springfield and Chicago.

Various anti-gun groups have tried this before. The turnouts have been.....less than stellar for them.

Basically they're using Obama's big money to push his political agenda in the face of lagging support.  Take a look and see what's going on in your state.

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KingOfDebauchery said...

OFA, Mayors and WA Alliance Day of Action for Gun Violence Protection (Not Backing Down -- Action Events)
Organizing for Action, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility join forces for a petition drive. It is up to us to put the pressure on our State Legislators, Members of Congress and City Official to make sure they do not let gun violence protection fall by the wayside. We have an obligation to keep our communities safe for our children and ourselves. Join us for a petition drive to remind those elected to take care of us, and that they need to take action on gun violence protection. Meet us at the entrance of the Sammamish City Hall on Wednesday, August 21 at 3:00PM for supplies. If you have a clipboard bring it with you. Children are welcome to join us. Call Sandra Castell if you have questions at (425) 761-4310

Yes, they actually wrote "to take care of us." And of course, "for the children TM"

hazmat said...

Crap, why don't these events ever happen near me? I guess living in western South Dakota is too much for the Million Demanding Moms to deal with.

AuricTech said...

Note that they scheduled their (non)-event for a Wednesday, when responsible people are much more likely to be at work. Much easier for them to get their key demographics out in force...