Tuesday, August 13, 2013

As Long As 'Revoked' /= 'Expired'

I'm not a fan of the FOID, that being said, it's apparently news that police in Cook Cnty are actually following the law and taking cards from those that are prohibited persons.
The Cook County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday they have confiscated their 200th illegally-owned firearm this year as part of a pilot program targeting gun owners who have had their Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) cards revoked but have failed to relinquish their weapons.
I'm seeing pros and cons to this. The pros are if they are actual prohibited persons (ie mentally unstable/dangerous to others/selves, violent criminals) then good, they shouldn't have easy access to firearms nor be able to legally purchase them. 

Cons.  If these are individuals who's cards have expired and they either haven't gotten them renewed/ still waiting on the new card to show (up to 6 months) or if they've gotten caught up w/ some sort of domestic/RO/OOP issue then it goes into grey areas and I don't trust the Cook Cnty authorities to keep/return the firearms (see NOLA PD). 

I can honestly see lots of 'mistakes' occurring w/ 'internal investigations' showing no wrongdoing and the firearms just happened to be 'destroyed'.

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Longhornjeff said...

Jesse Jackson Jr. is on that list.

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Chas, Language man. Family friendly page.