Monday, August 12, 2013

Cryin 'FIRE' Over The UN

Look, I despise the blue helmets as much as any other intelligent being, but when something is purported to come from them that is so blatantly over the top and obvious, take a second before you repeat it. 

From David Codrea over the latest kerfluffle regarding an alleged UN 'Confiscation' document:
The document reads like a conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmare on steroids, and while it’s not inconsistent with the documented goals of the most zealous factions in the globalist citizen disarmament camp, suspecting its authenticity is prudent. Conversely, unthinkingly assuming that it’s real, without doing any verification, is irresponsible and foolish, and plays into the hands of those spreading disinformation, or who just want to have a good laugh by getting trusting gun owners all worked up.
Like a commenter stated, they wouldn't be this blatantly obvious. They'ld us lots of vague language and buzzphrases to obfuscate the issue.

I'm still waiting for the required listing of my firearms on my 1040 and for Soros to shut down all the gun companies he owns.

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Robert Fowler said...

It definitely sounds like some one trying to stir the pot.

Firehand said...

When first saw this, first thought was 'Any corroboration?'

Be it said, while anything the UN puts to the public employs as much gobbledegook as possible, I could see them stating things plainly in a document meant only for internal use.